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Are you hypnotizable?

Some people are more hypnotizable than others. You are very hypnotizable if:

  • you have the ability to concentrate
  • you often daydream
  • you have a good memory
  • you become thoroughly absorbed by a good book
  • you become entranced by an interesting movie.
  • you have a very strong mind

If you are only moderately hypnotizable, don't worry. You will still respond to hypnosis but might not be able to go deeply into the hypnotic state. But, since everyone is hypnotizable to some extent, you will be able to use hypnosis to change a habit and accomplish ordinary hypnosis goals such as stopping smoking.

Hypnosis can be an excellent treatment for particular health problems because hypnosis is non-invasive (nothing enters your body), has no side effects (it is not a drug), and is relatively inexpensive (one or two sessions usually are sufficient).

Hypnosis can help you reach your goals in your personal life – maybe you want to stop smoking or maybe you want to start exercising.

Hypnosis can help you in your work life – perhaps you have trouble speaking before a large audience or maybe you are habitually late. Read more frequently asked questions.

One hypnosis session can help you to regulate your behavior, alter your thoughts, and use your mind to control your body. You and your hypnotist are allies; this is not an adversarial relationship. The hypnotist's job is to assist you in reaching your goal. Try it. You will benefit.

Here's how it works:

Call Dr. Roberta's office at 908-928-9100 to speak with Dr. Roberta about a specific challenge or issue, discuss a little more about how hypnosis works, and then if you wish, you can schedule your hypnosis phone session.

All you need for the hypnosis phone session itself is a phone or headset, and comfortable chair.

Note: Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are two different techniques! Hypnosis is a one-time method which should not be confused with psychotherapy; hypnosis is not hypnotherapy.